Welcome to Texas Smoke Pit!

by Tom O'Halloran on March 31, 2013

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Having cooked thousands of racks of ribs, nearly as many briskets & tons of chili over the years, Daisy and I are launching this site, as we start our new venture.  We are taking our much loved treats on the road.  We intend to travel from Texas to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma and east thru Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Wherever there are BBQ cook offs,  Jazz & Blues festivals and such, we will be around!!

We are in the process of obtaining a beautiful Trailer mounted Smoker, and will be on the road within a year or so. Please book mark this site,and come back often, as we will update you on our progress.

Texas Ribbon

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And the adventure begins ;-)

by Tom O'Halloran on April 7, 2013


Fired up the smoker today. While I have been smoking meat for ages, today brings a whole new meaning to smoking, as I will, over the next several months, refine my work to an art form. My goal is to have a couple different rubs for each type of meat. Daisy & I will also have a grill on our rig, so in addition to my BBQ sauce that I have been making for 2 decades now, we will have a couple others as well.


I have always done both my smoking and my grilling “by the seat of my pants”. This will no longer be do-able, as we will need to hit the mark with every piece of meat that we cook. Exact cooking times, temperatures, recipes and procedures need to be ironed out.


Today, I used a simple “seasoned salt style” rub on some 1.5″ pork chops, chicken legs and brisket… the brisket is still on, but the chops & chicken are quite yum ;-) smoking with oak today.


The brisket turned out awesome ;-) excellent bark & as tender as any brisket ever smoked ;-)

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